ALC Transportation

ALC Transportation is a collection of professionals from the insurance, claims, and risk industry, among others, who collaborate to deal with liability, loss prevention, employment or financial issues, etc. In transportation, success hinges on logistics and managing multiple variables. It goes well beyond exit ramps, loading docks and runways – there are hundreds of variables that affect every shipment.


Legal issues in the transportation field are just as complex, addressing issues from qualifications to safety to product security and integrity. We represent a wide array of clients in transportation-related litigation, including insurers, insureds and various self-insurance funds.


Our extensive contacts and range of experience in complimentary legal fields gives us the ability to coordinate various experts and investigators that are necessary in complicated transportation issues and claims. In fact, our contacts in the medical community often provide medical opinions on plaintiffs’ medical claims. Whether dealing within liability, loss prevention, employment or financial issues, we have the experience to educate and advise our clients competently and comprehensively.