Welcome to American Legal Connections (ALC)!

American Legal Connections was founded by Hall Booth Smith, P.C., and began as an organization of companies, healthcare professionals, claims professionals, underwriters, carriers, and many more who work together to advance their education, training, and knowledge on emerging issues in a collaborative way. ALC has grown to be an umbrella organization that provides a platform for groups to collaborate within and across industries. ALC focuses on collaboration as a foundational element of the organization’s mission. Currently, ALC Healthcare is the most active group. We expect to have other industry groups running this year such as ALC Senior Living, ALC Transpiration and others.

ALC was founded with a vision of creating a network of individuals dedicated to collaboration to improve outcomes and lead the development of new strategies. ALC works through seminars and publication by its members who are industry experts. ALC members work together to share knowledge and best practices through educational classes and other specialized training programs. ALC’s educational seminars and training classes host programs for the professional development of claims risk, and many others professional, while also working with various industry groups such as ALC Legal to share information. Individuals invited to become members of ALC are committee to investing in themselves and their organization to ensure that they have a masterful knowledge of emerging trends in their industry, potential precedent-setting cases that are underway, landmark verdicts of settlements, sophisticated lawyer tactics, and a myriad of other issues that can influence the outcome of cases within their industry sector.