ALC Construction

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ALC Construction is a group of insurers, governmental entities, owners, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects, and more who work together to mitigate potential exposure to compliance rules and regulations. Whether it is litigation in state and federal courts or panel arbitrations, contract compliance, claims for delay, or extra work, our broad experience in Construction Law allows us to anticipate, advise and assist with issues encountered during and after completion of the construction project.


Every construction project presents potential risks related to insurance coverage, liability for failures, damage and injury.  Our member-speakers have demonstrated experience with these issues from project design to acceptance and are available to answer your questions during each of our monthly conferences.


ALC Construction is the construction arm of ALC. Other ALC groups such as Healthcare, Legal, and Employment will work together to build resources for use among other members. This collaborative network of companies and individuals from different industries work together to form a partnership of knowledge and shared learning to help each other succeed.