ALC Healthcare

ALC Healthcare began as an organization of companies, healthcare professionals, claims professionals, underwriters, carriers, and many more working together to advance their education, training, and knowledge on emerging issues in a collaborative way. 

Founded with a vision of providing a network of legal resources and learning seminars from industry experts to share knowledge and best practices through educational seminars and other specialized training programs, we aim to help members provide the very best service to their clients. ALC Healthcare’s educational seminars and training classes host programs for the professional development of healthcare, claims, risk, and many other professionals, while also working with various industry groups such as ALC Legal to share information and education. 

Individuals invited to become members of ALC are committed to investing in themselves and their organizations to ensure that they have a masterful knowledge of emerging trends in the legal industry, potential precedent-setting cases that are underway, landmark verdicts or settlements, sophisticated lawyer tactics, and a myriad of other issues that can influence the outcome of cases. 

What does an ALC Healthcare membership include? 

  • Biweekly email updates with alerts and breaking news 
  • Semimonthly webinars, which include rotating topics on a variety of personalized legal topics and speakers selected by the Advisory Committee.
    • Q&A sessions at the end of each webinar in an open-floor format with panelists and speakers fielding questions from all attendees. 
    • Ability to speak as a panelist or co-presenter. 
  • Annual Symposium in-person/hybrid event lead by the Advisory Committee and invited guests.
    • A company membership includes entry to up to two (2) ALC members. Additional guest entry fee will be determined at the time of the Symposium.*
  • Access to the ALC Resources for Risk portal. This portal webpage included all prior seminar content including full-length recordings of past webinars and all materials used during the webinar, expert contacts, brief banks, articles, legal journals, and other tailor-made content. 

30 Day Free Trial 

Not sure you’re ready to commit? Try the 30 day access program at no cost. The trial includes access to the ALC Resources for Risk and one (1) ALC member-only webinar. 


Membership Options:
Healthcare: $2,500 annually per company